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Water is one of the basic necessities of life besides air and it is a compound that is critically needed in our body for utmost performance of our body function. It is important we pay proper attention to the water we consume to avoid diseases that comes from drinking water with impurities. Using filters at home can help to remove contamination and impurities from your water and keep you and your family safe from the harmful bacteria, high chlorine, bad smell, microbial cysts that can cause disease.

Several techniques are applied in removing impurities from water. This includes using water purification methods like reverse osmosis, distillation ozone, ultraviolet, de-ionization, etc but the disadvantage of using these methods is it removes mineral contents after purification which according to WHO is not appropriate for consumption in the long-term. However filter uses filtration methods like sifting, carbon filters, adsorption, sediment filter, ion exchanges, etc to filter the water from impurities leaving essential minerals intact. Below are some of the reasons why you should be using filter at home to make your water suitable for consumption:

  • Reduces the risk of cancer: Consuming well filtered water will greatly reduce the chance of getting cancers like colon and bladder which comes as a result of de-chlorination.
  • Remove Lead: Water supply seeping through old plumbing lines easily gets contaminated with lead which is harmful when consumed. Methods like reverse osmosis, carbon filter can be used to remove this metal.
  • Water filters also produces better taste and refreshing water by removing bacteria contaminants.
  • Well filtered water is most suitable for drinking and cooking as it keeps the body free from diseases.
  • Carbon water filter helps in retaining the trace minerals that balances the pH level (measure of how acidic/basic water is) of the water you drink thereby making it safe and healthy for consumption.
  • Point-of-Use filters installed directly on water outlets like faucets can be used to prevent pathogens like E-coli, legionella spp, etc from entering water for individual/family consumption by restricting their movement through a barrier.
  • It also guard against parasites like giardia, cryptosporidium that causes gastrointestinal disease from entering drinking water.
  • Clean and healthy water is important for pregnant women as consuming lead from impure water can cause severe birth defects.
  • For proper mental and physical development a child, a well filtered water is not just necessary but important and this should always be the practice especially at infant age.

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